Bengaluru woman who assault Zomato delivery boy fled town as she was exposed

Another twist in the case of false charges against a Jomato delivery man in Bengaluru, police has revealed that Hitesh Chandrani, the woman who was initially accused of assaulting K Kamaraj, leaked his address after the city was leaked Had left A day later the news comes that the Zamato delivery man lodged an FIR against Hitesh alleging misconduct and assault. According to reports, the woman has fled the city.

Makeup artist Hitesh Chandrani, by profession, accused a Zamato delivery person of assaulting her and trying to ask her why the order was delayed. The incident took place six days ago and the woman’s bloody nose video went viral. Hitesh lodged an FIR against the Zomato deliveryman for the assault and her video caused widespread outrage.

Kamaraj, however, denied the woman’s story and said that she was the one who attacked him with slippers due to the delay in delivering food. When Kamaraj was holding his hands in defense, he claimed that the woman hurt herself with her ring. This week, Kamaraj lodged a counter FIR against Hitesh for assaulting and abusing him.

Following the FIR, The News Minute reported that Hitesh’s address was leaked online. Due to security concerns, the woman has reportedly left Bangalore. According to the police, Hitesh ran away due to fear. Since the allegations against K Kamaraj’s Hitesh, many people have criticized him for using his privilege to frame the delivery persona.

Bengaluru police told TNM, “He feels scared to live here because people can come to his house to speak about the FIR.”

The incident has given rise to divided opinions and heated debate on social media as to who the real victim was. However, after the initial tremors, the public believed that he spoke in favor of Kamaraj after being acquitted. Zomato also supported his staff, ordering a strict investigation into the incident. Company founder Deepinder Goyal also released an official statement on the matter. “Kamaraj has delivered 5,000 deliveries for us so far, and has a 4.75 / 5 star rating on our platform (which is one of the highest) and has been working with us for 26 months (these are facts, not opinions or estimates ), ”.