BIGG BOSS-14 is going to start, know what is special this season

Good news for Bigg Boss enthusiasts, this reality show is going to start on October 3. The promos of the show have also been released, in which Salman Khan appeared in a bang style. In the promo, Salman Khan has indicated that this season’s Big Boss is going to be much different than before due to Corona virus. Let me tell you that due to Corona, a lot of precautions are being taken in normal life as well, due to which, in this reality show, celebrities have to be careful and follow all the rules. Let us know what will be different in the Big Boss this time.

Big Boss contestants list
Which celebrities will stay at Big Boss’s house this time, their list has been shared by ‘The Khabari’ on their Twitter handle. This time there will be Rahul Vaidya, Jasmine Buassin, Pavitra Punia, Sara Gurpal, Nikki Tamboli, Ejaz Khan, Abhinav Shukla, Rubina, Shehzad Deol and Nishant etc.

Won’t be able to share your bed
Twitter handle ‘The Khabri’, giving information about Bigg Boss house, tweeted that due to Corona period this time there will not be double bed inside the house. Also, no contestant can share his bed with any other contestant.

Plate or glass will not be able to share
Another major change is that no contestant will share their plate or glass with others. It has been generally observed that the two contestants who are good between them eat food in the same plate. Also, water bottles also use each other, but this time it is not allowed to do so.

Will not be able to do physical touch
Many tasks are given in Big Boss, in which sometimes you have to play alone with the team, sometimes you have to compete alone. In such a situation, there is also physical touch, which will not happen this time. The third major change made in the show is that in the initial weeks, the contestants will not be given any task that they can interact with each other.

All the contestants will be tested
Considering the corona virus epidemic, Kovid will have 19 tests every week. According to reports, all the contestants participating in the show are in Quarantine. Also, his corona test will also be done.

All facilities will be available at Bigg Boss house
The contestants joining the Big Boss-14 will also be given facilities like shopping malls, restaurants, a small theater etc. These facilities are completely different from previous seasons. The makers of the show believe that throughout this lockdown, people have not enjoyed shopping, eating outside and watching movies in theaters. Because of this, the makers have decided that all these facilities for the contestants will be in the house of Bigg Boss.

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