Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan stands up Jasmine and Nikki for making fun of Rakhi’s cosmetic surgery

During the recent Weekend War episode on Bigg Boss 14, the show’s hosts Salman Khan overcame competitors to threaten and target Rakhi Sawant and Arshi Khan. Both Rakhi and Arshi have entered the house as a challenge and have been captured by the contestants for various reasons for weeks.

Recently, Jasmine Bhasin covered Rakhi’s face with a mask covering her, which hurt her. But Jasmine did not apologize to Rakhi and instead mocked her as a drama queen. She claimed that Rakhi is reducing her injury. While airing the incident, Salman clarifies to Jasmine that Rakhi was indeed hurt and despite Bigg Boss repeatedly telling the inmates to be careful, Jasmine fails to acknowledge that she was at fault. Salman criticized Jasmine and others for targeting Rakhi for her ‘different’ personality. He said that Rakhi is the way she is and people love her. He also said that fans have voted in large numbers for Rakhi and declared him safe from eviction this week.

Meanwhile, Salman also spared Nikki Tamboli. He said that he and Jasmine keep making fun of Rakhi’s cosmetic surgery. He also says that keeping someone down is not in his eyes. Salman also rebuked Abhinav, Ellie, Ejaz, and others for not taking sides. Abhinav says that he will take care to move forward.

In a new promo, Jasmine is seen taunting Rakhi over her nose, “It (her nose) will fall down.” Is Jasmine right in making personal comments on Rakhi’s personality, likes and her body?