BTS Most Viewed on Youtube Video

ARMY shared messages of congratulations and support to the Bangtan members as it is yet another achievement that they add to their careers and their comeback with “BE” is still missing on November 20th. The numbers they have reached are thanks to their fans and power. projects as well as premieres in each premiere as “Dynamite.

BTS becomes the group with the most views on YouTube, surpassing artists like Maroon 5. The group BigHit continues to add records to its musical career, the boys have surpassed millionaires thanks to the support of ARMY, because with the premiere of each MV, Since the debut in their careers, they have added views that today make them the group that has the most views on the YouTube platform, not only of Korean pop, but in general.

Through social networking, it was revealed that BTS was surpassing a new brand, the K-pop group records more than 15.87 billion views, the sum of all its MVs, behind-the-scenes videos, presentations and more that have been published on his channel. From BANGTAN TV and BigHit labels, the idols are placed at number 8 on the overall global chart.

BTS is the most watched group of youth with more than 15 billion prospects

K-pop has become a trend in the music industry thanks to platforms, YouTube is one of the most important, as some Korean programs take into account the number of views after a K-pop group’s comeback and score points. By competing for a win, the videos also go viral and reach a new audience that is slowly discovering Korean pop.

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In addition to breaking records for more than 100 million views in just 24 hours, BTS is very popular and their videos receive thousands of views daily, they also have MVs exceeding one billion views, which shows that ARMY has been their great support. so they can fulfill their dreams.

With “BE” expected to break their own records, ARMY aims to lead them to the top of the world rankings for being the most reproduced artist. The BTS characters are an example of their millions of fans and their popularity.

The boys have surprised with their new goals, what new achievements will they achieve with “BE”? The details of his new album.