Cabinet expansion will happen as soon as Kharmas ends, JDU-BJP agree

Patna: Even though the month of Kharmas is not considered auspicious for any work, important decisions will be taken in this month in the Bihar government. Political enthusiasts are very strong this month in Bihar. The deadlock over Bihar’s cabinet expansion has ended in the month of Kharmas. According to the Zee News report, a 50-50 formula has been discussed between the JDU and the BJP and the cabinet will be expanded after 14 January. With this, the names of 12 MLCs to be nominated from the Governor quota will also be stamped. With this, vacant posts of committee, commission and district 20-point will also be filled.

Cabinet expansion
After the 17th Assembly elections, CM Nitish Kumar’s new cabinet was sworn in with just 15 people. He is yet to bring 21 more new ministers into the cabinet. In such a situation, the decision on new faces will be made in this month, so that the portfolios of the old ministers can be reduced.

There is a talk of Governor Kota being nominated by the Legislative Council members. Now it will have to be decided in this month. Because Ashok Chaudhary and Mukesh Sahni joined the cabinet without becoming a member of any house. The selection for the new MLC is to be done in this month.

CM Nitish Kumar wants to reinvigorate JDU. Looking for old friends about this. Many leaders including Narendra Singh, Upendra Kushwaha, Arun Kumar, Renu Kushwaha are being gathered in such old comrades. After bringing all these together, they will be linked with JDU after Kharmas.

However, after the formation of the new government, it was believed that the cabinet would be expanded after proving majority in the assembly. Signs of this were coming from the leaders of both BJP and JDU, but speculation started after the majority proved on 27 November. December deepened and when Kharmas started from December 14, it became clear that there was no consensus between the main parties in the government, JDU and BJP. But it is being speculated that the cabinet will be expanded as soon as Kharmas ends.

It may be noted that in the Bihar Legislative Assembly with 243 members, 36 ministers can be made according to the number. At present there are 14 ministers in the government, on the basis of which it is believed that 16 to 18 new ministers can be included in the expansion. The expansion of the cabinet will accelerate the functioning of the government, because all the ministers in the government have charge of many departments, due to which they could not see every department in the right way, but with the expansion, the portfolios will be divided.

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