Cambridge-educated Anand Ranganathan, JNU academic slams Obama for minority remarks

Author and academician Anand Ranganathan has strongly refuted Barack Obama’s comments on religious freedom and human rights in India, pointing to the former US President’s own record on hate crimes.

Referring to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s press conference where she criticized Obama’s statement about minority rights in India, Ranganathan said: “Although it is good that finally a minister in this government has stood up and supported Barack Obama. Confronted and tried to expose their many lies. And the propaganda-driven bogus narrative, I’m afraid to mention that Obama bombed six Muslim countries, will not make the rebuttal convincing. In fact, it all exposes Obama’s hypocrisy and prejudice. And at worst, it doesn’t address any of his propaganda-driven lies.

“…during Obama’s administration, there were 217,000 violent hate crimes in 2012 alone. Just one year… since 2017, there have been over 200 documented cases of hate crime attacks, lynchings and attempted lynchings by Muslim mobs on Hindus, Dalits and non-Dalits…. In none of these instances has there been any reaction or outrage from the cottage industry of activists and journalists, who only highlight incidents where Muslims are suffering,” he said.

“Once rebuffed by their shameless electivity, these Class 4 failures immediately go down this new path of mainstreaming violence. And here he says that the ruling dispensation is mainstreaming violence. But here again… these fake activists and the usual suspects in the media only selectively highlight cases.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, Obama reportedly said that if India does not protect the rights of “ethnic minorities”, there is a strong possibility that at some point the country will begin to fall apart.

In a press briefing, Nirmala Sitharaman said the comments were surprising as six Muslim-majority countries had faced US “bombing” during her tenure. The finance minister alleged that an “organised campaign” was being carried out at the behest of the opposition to level “baseless” allegations on the treatment of minorities as the opposition could not electorally defeat the BJP under Modi.

Later on Monday, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also criticized the former US President, saying he should first think about how many Muslim-majority countries were attacked during his tenure.