China suspends Sri Lankan solar plants after India’s protest

New Delhi: China has decided to postpone a project to build a hybrid energy system by Chinese firm Sino Soar Hybrid Technology in Sri Lanka, a Sri Lankan media report said. These systems were to be built in the three northern islands located near India.

India lodged a protest with Sri Lanka in January this year after a Chinese firm was awarded a contract to build solar power plants in the northern islands. Sri Lanka recently awarded a contract to a Chinese firm for the development of the Eastern Container Terminal at Colombo Port, a project that Lanka had previously committed to India and Japan.

The Chinese embassy in Colombo said in a tweet that the solar power system project in the northern islands in Lanka was suspended due to security concerns expressed by a third party, even though it did not name India. The embassy said the same firm has now signed a contract with Maldives.

“China Sur Hybrid Technology, being suspended from third parties to build hybrid power systems in the 3 northern islands due to a ‘security concern’, has signed an agreement with the Maldivian government on 29 November to set up solar power plants on 12 islands in the Maldives. Have made a contract with. ”said the Chinese embassy.