CM Yogi in action: NSA on accused, company blacklist, compensation of 10 lakh to the dead

New Delhi: Yogi is seen quite angry in the Muradnagar cremation accident. He has ordered that any loss incurred will be recovered from the accused and their company has been blacklisted with immediate effect. Now in the future, they can never get a government contract in Uttar Pradesh. Also, the National Security Act-1980 (Rasuka) will be imposed on all the accused. While giving relief to the relatives of the deceased, they will be given compensation of 10-10 lakhs. Also, houses will be given to those dependents of the dead who do not have their own house.

Due to the displeasure of the Chief Minister, in this case, the authorities had arrested EO Niharika Singh, JE Chandrapal Singh, and Supervisor Ashish on Monday, accelerating the action. The contractor Ajay Tyagi, who was on the run, has also been caught by the UP police. Explain that on the arrest of contractor Ajay Tyagi, the SSP of Ghaziabad had placed a reward of 25 thousand on him. 24 people have died in this accident and many are badly injured, who are undergoing treatment in the district hospital.

CM Yogi Adityanath announced an ex-gratia amount of Rs 10 lakh each for those who lost their lives in the roof collapse of Muradnagar. National Security Act should be imposed on the accused. At the same time, the CMO told the agency that in the event of Muradnagar roof fall, damages will be recovered from the engineer and contractor. The CM has ordered the contractor to be blacklisted and house the family members of the deceased.

According to the information, the Ghaziabad SSP had deployed five teams for the arrest of Ajay Tyagi on Monday itself. Meanwhile, the police received information that Ajay Tyagi is out of the city. Acting on this, the police arrested Ajay Tyagi from outside Ghaziabad. Police can produce Ajay Tyagi in court on Tuesday.

On Monday, the police arrested two more people, including a junior engineer, responsible for the accident. The accident killed 24 people and injured at least 17 others. The police also announced a two-member committee to investigate the accident, as family members of the victims took to the streets to protest, resulting in the deployment of a large number of police forces.

The roof collapsed at the Ukhalarsi crematorium at around 11.30 am, when Jai Ram was cremated on Saturday night. About 50-60 people were present at the funeral. Only those trapped under the rubble could be saved after local police and administration reached the spot. A team from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) was also sent to the demolition site.

The Ghaziabad Police has registered an FIR under various sections 304, 337 and 338 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has indicated strong action against the officials responsible in the case. Officers have been directed to report the case. The action may fall on many big officials including the Commissioner and DM of Ghaziabad. Distressed and angered by the Muradnagar incident, the Chief Minister lashed out at the authorities on Monday. He also announced financial compensation of Rs 2 lakh to each victim’s family members.

Tender was taken for 50 lakh rupees
The renovation work of the crematorium was being done by the municipality. Contractor Ajay Tyagi took the tender for Rs 50 lakhs. It is being told that he was working as a contractor in the municipality for the last 12 years. He is said to be the big contractor here. The porch whose fall lost the lives of so many people was made just two months ago.