Corona Pandemic: 57 hours curfew in Ahmedabad from Friday night

AHMEDABAD: The administration has decided to take tough measures to reduce the spread of corona virus spread in the city of Ahmedabad in Gujraj. Officials said that since Friday night, it has been decided to impose a full curfew of 57 hours in the municipal limits. Meanwhile, in view of the prevailing situation, the Gujarat government has stayed its earlier decision to open secondary schools and colleges in the state from 23 November. Officials said the curfew in Ahmedabad city would start at 9 pm on Friday (9 November) and end on Monday (23 November).

However, during this ‘full curfew’, milk and drug shops will be open. Rajiv Kumar Gupta, Additional Chief Secretary (Forest and Environment), was appointed as an officer on special duty by the Government of Gujarat to oversee the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) in the Corona virus-related operation. He said that curfew would be imposed from 9 am to 6 am from Monday till further orders.

Gupta clarified that the night curfew will be applicable in the city at 9 pm on Monday. Notably, Ahmedabad city has been witnessing a steady increase in corona virus cases since the beginning of this month. A few months ago there were about 140 daily cases, but now more than 200 corona cases are coming up in the city on a single day. The state health department said that 230 people in the city were found infected with the corona virus in the last 24 hours.

In a statement released in the evening, Gupta said that although the AMC administration is taking various preventive steps, a ban on movement of people is needed to prevent the spread of viral infections in people. The senior IAS officer said that restrictions are needed as people flock to markets and other places in large numbers, increasing the chances of human-to-human transmission. (With agency input)

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