Corona Update: India’s active cases fell from 4.44 percent to 4.35% today

New Delhi: With the trend of the last 7 days, there has been more daily recovery in India during the last 24 hours than in new cases. The trend of higher daily recovery than daily cases has resulted in a steady contraction in active cases in India, which currently stands at 4,16,082.

In India, 36,595 people have been found infected with Kovid and 42,916 new recoveries have been recorded in the same period. There has been a drop of 6,861 in the total active cases in the last 24 hours due to 6,321 difference between new recovery and new cases.

India still remains one of the lowest cases per million population in the world (6,936), much lower than many other countries in the Western Hemisphere.

The recovery rate has increased to 94.2 percent today. The total recovery cases are 90,16,289. The difference between the recovery cases and the active cases is steadily increasing and gradually comes down to 86,00,207.

Out of the new cases, 80.19 percent cases have come from ten states / union territories.

In Maharashtra, 8,066 people have recovered from Kovid while 5,590 have recovered in Kerala. There were 4,834 daily recoveries in Delhi.

75.76 percent new cases have been reported from ten states / union territories.

Kerala recorded 5,376 cases in the last 24 hours. 5,182 new cases were registered in Maharashtra yesterday while 3,734 new cases were registered in Delhi.

In the last 24 hours 540 people have died. Out of them, 77.78 percent deaths are from ten states / union territories.

21.29 percent of new deaths occurred in Maharashtra. 115 people have died there. In Delhi too 82 people died while West Bengal had 49 deaths.

When compared globally, India has the lowest number of deaths per million population (101).