Couple ordered kitten online, received tiger cub, what happened then …

New Delhi: An incident occurred with a French couple who also heard someone underwent their teeth. Actually, it happened that these couples wanted to keep a cat in their house. They searched online and bought a kitten for 6 thousand euros (Rs 5 lakh). But, later when they later came to know that he was a child of an obstacle, the couple’s senses flew away. According to the Daily Mail news, a couple from Normandy saw an online advertisement for the cat and they placed an order for it. They found 3-month-old tiger cub came out instead of a cat in the delivery box. However, it is not yet known how this cub came into this box.

After a week of adopting kittens in 2018, the La Havre couple realized that it is not a cat, it’s wild animal. Eventually they come to know that it is a tiger cub. They approached the police. The investigation lasted for two years and now the verdict came.

The couple claimed that they did not realize that their cat was actually a Sumatra tiger from Indonesia. Explain, cats are acceptable as pets, tigers are a protected species that cannot be kept as pets without proper documentation and permits. They cannot be taken without paperwork.

According to local reports, details of the case came to light recently when nine people were arrested. The couple were accused of smuggling protected species and were later released by the police.

So far it has not been clear how this animal arrived in France. The video came out before it was bought by Couple. The animal appears to be in good health. Now he is assigned to the French Biodiversity Team. Now this creature is being taken care of there.

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