Covid-19: The worst of the Pandemic could be in next 4 to 6 months, Bill Gates warns

Microsoft co-founder Gates, whose foundation has been a part of the trouble developing and delivering COVID-19 vaccines, warned on Sunday that the subsequent four to 6 months could be the worst of the coronovirus epidemic. “Sadly, the worst of the epidemic may occur after four to 6 months. The IHME (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) forecast shows more than 200,000 additional deaths. References if we wear masks and don’t mix Will follow the principles. An external percentage of these deaths can be avoided, “Gates, co-chairman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, told CNN.

In recent weeks, the US is experiencing record high cases, deaths, and hospitalizations. “I felt that America could do a better job than this,” Gates said. “Overall, once I made the forecast in 2015, I talked about potentially deaths. So, this virus could be more deadly than that. We didn’t get the worst case. But the thing Has shocked me, she is.” The economic impact within the US and around the world is much higher than the forecasts made five years ago.

COVID-19 has killed 290,000 people within the US so far. Gates said his foundation is funding tons of research for vaccines. “We are very agile. We are a partner during a thing called CEPI, which is the second largest fund after the United States government,” he said.

“So, in diagnostics, medicine and vaccines, we all know where the science is, we all know how the fragments were closed in an immediate way. Then our expertise in communicable disease, which usually only deals with developing countries, applies. The whole world for this crisis, “he said. America got to help all of humanity, Gates said when asked about the main order signed by President Donald Trump that prioritizes the delivery of the vaccine to Americans before moving to people in other countries.

“We want the world economy to move forward. We want to minimize deaths. And, you know, the necessary technology can be a German company. Then stopping international partnerships and cooperation during this whole epidemic is disruptive and a There has been error, ”he said. said. “Therefore, we want to build the capacity of all vaccines. Some additional approvals will be approved within the coming months, which are easier to manufacture proportionately. But the US has benefited from the work care of other countries, and they said that we should not be completely selfish in how to proceed.

In response to a question, Gates said he would take the vaccine publicly, as did former US presidents, Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama, who have said that people’s trust within the vaccine should be increased. “I’ll do an equal job. When it’s my turn – I’m not going to move, but when my turn comes, I’ll be able to take the vaccine to the blind, because I think it benefits all or some people.” Should not be dispatched, “he said. Gates said the need for therapy to access the vaccine should be supported, not in the least amount of money.” Ultimately, the epidemic has been so horrific that it Inequalities are increasing.

It is worse for Hispanics, worse for blacks, worse for low-income service workers, in majority households, there are many things that mean that, after choosing a vaccine, in the context of all of us It is better to use equity to drive decisions.

Despite the supply of the vaccine, Gates said that after four to six months, it’s really Americans’ turn to try on their own. “Because we will see that it can end, and you don’t want you to think of someone who is the last to die of coronavirus.” “Of course, wearing masks is not necessarily a downside.

They’re not expensive. Bars and restaurants are going to be closed in most parts of the country as we enter this wave. And I think, grief. It’s justified. That’s how serious it is. The choice about schools is far more complex, Gates said, because, while the benefits are much greater there, the amount of transmission isn’t the same in restaurants and bars, Gates said.
In response to a different question, Gates said the “infection is complicated” fight against the coronavirus epidemic. “But the new administration is willing to trust the real experts, and is not attacking those experts.

They are making clear plans. So, I think we will get it in a positive way. I am pleased with the people and Therefore. The priority is the presidential-election Biden and his team are bringing to bear the problem, he said. “Biden is doing his best to retain Francis Collins and Tony Fauci and add a strong group of people Have been. These are people who are willing to accept things well and deliver difficult messages, especially for the latter four to 6 months.