Delhi government imposed night curfew; where and how to make e-pass in night curfew

New Delhi: In the national capital, the Delhi government has imposed a night curfew with immediate effect from 10 am to 5 am till 30 April. Along with the country, there has been a big jump in Covid-19 cases in Delhi as well.

n view of this, the Kejriwal government has taken this step as a precautionary measure. To speed up vaccination amid the fourth wave of virus in Delhi, Corona vaccination centers have been operational for 24 hours from today. However, after the night curfew has been imposed from 10 o’clock, those going for night vaccinations in Delhi will be required to take an e-pass with them.

Who has been given exemption during curfew?
Pregnant women and patients seeking treatment are exempted for night travel in Delhi.

Private doctors, nurses and paramedics are exempted, but must travel to the city during the night curfew to show their identity card

Passengers going to the airport and railway station are required to show valid tickets for night travel.

Essential employees or those working for essential services are exempted, but it is mandatory to carry an e-pass for travel between 10 am and 5 pm

Journalists working in print or electronic media will require an e-pass to work during the night curfew.

Those going for the Covid-19 vaccination at night will need an e-pass to visit vaccination centers or hospitals during the night curfew.

How to make e-pass?
If you want to travel between 10 am and 6 am to get out of the city or out of Delhi, then you have to get an e-pass to get a discount for going out at night. To get an e-pass, go to the official website of the Government of Delhi ( and click on Apply for e-Pass (Click Here to Apply for ePass for Night Curfew). After this, your name, address, mobile number, service type and other necessary details have to be filled.

After filling the form you will get a QR code on the given mobile number or email-id. It will be necessary to download the e-pass during the night curfew in the city or on the state border, if traveling during the night.

Who can apply?
Explain that this e-pass will be issued only to the providers of essential services, including grocery, meat, milk or food service, bank, ATM, insurance, media, telecom, IT, delivery, LPG, CNG, petrol pump, private security , People involved in cold storage. In addition, people who take the Corona vaccine can also apply for an e-pass.