Delhi-Mumbai flights, trains may be suspended as Covid-19 cases spike in Delhi

Mumbai: If you are thinking of traveling between Delhi and Mumbai, then this news can be of your use. Amidst the ever increasing cases of Corona, the Maharashtra government is seriously considering taking a major decision. According to sources, the Maharashtra government may decide to stop flights from Delhi to Mumbai. Apart from this, the rail service going from Delhi to Mumbai may also be closed. No formal announcement has been made in this regard yet. However, the aviation ministry has currently refused to stop the flight service.

Earlier, BMC took a major decision in view of rising cases of Corona virus in Mumbai. BMC has now decided to keep all schools closed till 31 December. Earlier, Gujarat also withdrew the decision to open a school.

Significantly, Maharashtra is one of the states where the highest number of corona cases are being reported. According to statistics, the number of active cases in the state is 79,738. So far, 17 lakh 63 thousand 55 cases of corona have been reported in Maharashtra. Of which 46,356 people have died. The maximum number of cases have been reported in Pune. Where more than three lakh 44 thousand patients have been exposed.

Decided to open school in Gujarat
Earlier, the Gujarat government had decided to open the school from November 23, but the government withdrew the decision after the Corona case surfaced. The government has not yet taken any decision on when the schools will be opened. Significantly, this month, the government announced that colleges and colleges from 9th to 12th will be opened for final year students from November 23 to November 12. However, the government’s SOP in schools and colleges will be fully taken care of during this period. The government has also issued SOPs for schools and colleges.

Dangerous situation in Delhi
Corona cases are increasing in Delhi. More than seven and a half thousand new corona cases have been reported again yesterday. At the same time, about 100 patients have died. On the other hand, 45,882 corona cases have been reported. With this, the total case has gone beyond 90 lakhs. However, the growing case of Corona in Delhi has raised some concerns. Delhi government is going door to door to survey Corona. At the same time, strictness has been increased in the Containment Zone. At the same time, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also met representatives of the market association today.

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