‘China Plus One’ strategy will lead in building India’s electrical industry for the world

Digitization of processes in India and China Plus One (C+1) strategy to diversify investments from China to other destinations can boost power exports from India, the head of a top industry association has said.

“This is a great time for Indian IT talent to synergize with electrical talent to create reliable automation solutions. It is also resulting in moving appliances from hydrocarbon-based energy to electrical energy,” Rohit Pathak, president of the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association (IEEMA) and CEO of Birla Copper, a division of Hindalco, told during a conversation.

IEEMA is the leading association of manufacturers of electrical, industrial electronics and allied equipment in the country.

Referring to the increasing role of electricals and electronics in everyday life, Pathak pointed out how their share in automobiles had increased six times compared to earlier. Similarly, all the talk about a rapidly developing India was essentially about the digital push being supported and driven by electrical and electronic products.

“That space is taking off in India right now. And if the government’s semiconductor strategy works well, it will catalyze a new scale of growth for Indian industry to make electrical products not only for India but also for world markets.

He said that electrical systems and associated electronics are going to play a very important role in this regard. For example, all control systems for automation will see a lot of activity, not only in physical hardware, but also in the areas of software and programming, where India has already taken a lead.

“Following the disruptions led by Covid-19, many countries and companies have taken a C+1 approach to rethinking their supply chains. And this is a huge opportunity for the Indian electrical industry to be a part of the global supply chains and economy,” he said.

Describing this change as the latest emerging theme in the country’s electricals sector, he said that the country’s position in global supply chains had gained traction especially in the last year.

He also added that along with the move towards quality and reliability of power supplied to citizens and greening of power sources, this will result in manufacturers creating digital products to facilitate the energy transition.

“Earlier, electricity was a minor component, with fossil fuels such as oil and gas contributing majorly. However, the change started a few years ago with the electrification of the Indian Railways. And as it progresses, you can see how electricity can be generated in a clean way,” Pathak explained.

Pathak was speaking on the sidelines of ELECRAMA 2023, the world’s largest standalone show of electrical, allied and transmission and distribution (T&D) equipment, organized by IEEMA from February 18-22 at Greater Noida.