Do you know papillomas in your body are caused by parasites!

If you have papillomas on your neck, armpits and elsewhere – the parasites are eating you from the inside!

The Scientific Research Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine has traced a parasitic infection to the real cause of papillomas on the human body. Recent studies have shown that the parasite’s live products are toxic and create suitable conditions for the bacteria to grow in the gut. For precisely this reason, people infected with the parasite may see papillomas on their bodies.

Every year, millions of people die from diseases caused by parasites. And, if you look at the death certificates, you won’t see any ‘deaths due to parasites’ in there. Exceptions are very rare and, as a rule, these are situations when it is impossible to ignore the infection. For example, the heart is full of insects.

It is not beneficial for local medical authorities to accept the fact that parasitic infections are at a high level and that about 89% of all deaths are caused by parasites. In addition, diseases caused by parasites compel people to visit clinics and buy expensive medicines. This is a huge market. I hope you can read between the lines and understand what I mean.

Several research groups have agreed that the waste products excreted by parasites cause papillomas on human skin. Also, if you see papillomas on your skin, it means that parasites have already settled in your body and are actively laying eggs. This means, that everyone who has papillomas on their skin is at great risk.

About 89% of all deaths, including the so-called ‘natural’ ones, are due to a single cause – a slowly ingesting parasite. Usually the parasites are helminths that form visible papillomas on the skin. How can they be the cause of death?

: Actually, it is a big mistake to think that parasites of a person can only be worms. A large number of different types of parasites living in different organs are present, which lead to many serious consequences. Insects, or especially helminths, are quite dangerous. They completely destroy the intestines, causing them to rot which has dire consequences. By the way, even helminths are difficult to find and eliminate.

Along with them, there are thousands of parasites that can live in your liver, brain, lungs, blood, and stomach. And almost all of them are fatal. Some of them immediately begin to act aggressively and destroy the body. Other parasites are not visible until their numbers become so large that the body cannot fight them. Hence the person dies. They cause serious problems: heart attack, cancerous tumors, liver failure, nephritis, kidney failure, etc.

But at the same time, I can confidently say that practically everyone is infected with the parasite. The thing is, most of them are extremely difficult to detect. And when a parasitic infection starts showing results, doctors try to eliminate them. Even during the post mortem, special tests are needed to detect the parasites. At least for most of them.

Papilloma is the only known symptom that indicates a parasitic infection in the human body.

The current state of drugs to treat parasitic infections is pretty much useless. Of course, there are some very special drugs that can clear helminths from the body. There are drugs slightly effective against some types of heartworms and liver parasites, but the main problem with these is that they only affect a specific type of parasite, while each person is infected with at least 7-8 species. If we take the average number, we find 11-14 types of parasites in each infected person.