Do you know what to do with PAN and Aadhaar card after someone’s death?

Aadhaar card and PAN card are now considered as a mandatory document in India. Then whether you want to get your child’s admission in school or open a bank account. For most of the work, you need Aadhaar card and PAN card, but do you know that even after someone’s death, there are many formalities attached to these documents.

If you do not complete the formalities related to the Aadhaar card and PAN card of the deceased person, then you may have to face problems later. So let’s know the important things related to these documents.

There are many things related to PAN card like bank account, ITR etc. Therefore, the PAN card of the deceased person should be preserved till all such accounts are completely closed. Let us tell you that if any tax refund of the deceased is yet to be paid, then you should make sure that the refund comes to his account.

The legal heir can hand over the PAN of the deceased person to the IT department after closing all the accounts and dealing with the Income Tax Return. Apart from this, you should submit the PAN to the IT department only after completing all the procedures of the IT department, from filing income tax returns. (Minors can also apply for PAN card, know how)

If the PAN is to be surrendered, then the legal heir of the deceased has to write an application to the official assessment officer. In this application, the legal heir will also have to write the reason for surrendering the PAN card.

Let us tell you that it is not mandatory to surrender PAN card. But it is better that you get it surrendered so that no one can misuse the PAN card information related to the deceased person.

Aadhar card related process

Aadhaar card is one of the most important documents. Let us tell you that there is no provision to deactivate Aadhaar after the death of a person. To prevent any other person from misusing Aadhaar, you should get it linked to the death certificate.

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