Drama Queen Rakhi Sawant gets emotional when Twinkle Khanna praises Rakhi Sawant

Former Bollywood actress and columnist Twinkle Khanna is known for her trademark wit. Twinkle recently wrote about Rakhi Sawant in one of her write-ups. She praised Rakhi for her work dedication in the industry.

She wrote, “With the kind of public ridicule Rakhi Sawant has endured over the years, I would have dug myself a hole and lived the rest of my life as a meerkat. But when you’re in on the joke, you can’t be embarrassed. As much as we may laugh at her, she’s laughing too — all the way to the bank, pulling her family out of poverty and building a life for herself in a pretty cut-throat industry.”.

Well, Twinkle’s post caught Rakhi Sawant’s attention and she thanked Twinkle for her kind words.

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