Drone shot down by security forces inside Indian border, 5 kg of explosives recovered


New Delhi: A drone was shot down about 6 km inside the Indian border in Kanachak area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir. The downed drone has been identified as a hexacopter. According to the Jammu and Kashmir Police, about 5 kg of explosives has been recovered from the hexacopter. Earlier today, J&K Police quoted news agency ANI as saying that a drone was shot down in Kanachak area and explosive material was recovered. There has been a huge increase in the number of drone sightings in the Indian territory after the Jammu attack.

A suspicious drone was sighted in the Satwari area on Wednesday, while earlier on July 16, a drone was picked up by the radar of the Anti-Drone System deployed by the National Security Guard (NSG) while operating around the Jammu Air Base.

The NSG had deployed an anti-drone system in the city after the drone attack on the Jammu airport last month.

The Air Force has also taken measures to prevent any such attack on Jammu and other important airports across the country. It has also taken tough measures to deal with the threats posed by small drones.

After the Jammu attack, there has been a huge increase in the number of drone sightings and there have been instances where Army and Border Security Forces (BSF) personnel have opened fire on them along the border.