Facebook reveals most viewed content in the US and the results are unexpected

Indian motivational speaker and monk, Gaur Gopal Das

Since the 2016 US presidential elections, Facebook has been accused of promoting propaganda and influencing American voters. The tech company, founded by Harvard University dropout Mark Zuckerberg, has come under fire in several lawsuits where the social media platform’s algorithms have been questioned about the kind of content it promotes.

In an effort to provide a picture of what kind of content it has to offer to its users in the US, Facebook released its first quarterly report on Thursday. In its statement, Facebook said, “Our goal is to provide clarity across what people see in their Facebook News Feed, the different content types that appear in their feed and the most visited domains, links, pages and posts on the platform.” Have to provide. Fourth.”

The report provides views of public content on Facebook feeds viewed in the United States between April 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021, including recommended content. Facebook provided a list of the top 20 posts that gained widespread traction among its US-based users.

The first post listed by the tech company was by Indian motivational speaker and monk, Gaur Gopal Das. As Facebook mentioned that the most viewed post on its platform is either a picture or a video, Das’s post also has a viral image. The picture reads “The first three words you see are your reality.” The post has garnered over 7 million comments, 1.1 million reactions and 394k shares.

The next most viewed Facebook post was from musician Ace Gutta, who posted a challenge for his followers, asking them to share pictures where they had to prove that they looked young despite being old. The post attracted over 4.9 million comments, 87k shares and 687k responses.

With more than 58.6 million content viewers, a Facebook post by Daytime with Kimberly and Esteban Page included a question asking them what it is they would never eat no matter how hungry they were.

The sixth most-viewed Facebook post in the United States was from the country’s president, Joe Biden, who wrote, “100 days – and America is back on track.” The post shared on April 29 has got 52.8 million views according to Facebook’s figures.

The latest report is being seen as a response to an allegation that surfaced last year, where it was revealed that data collected with CrowdTangle, Facebook’s engagement-measuring tool, showed right-leaning Facebook followers. Political content is key.