Farmer Bought land for Rs 200, Finds 14.98 Carat Diamond there in Madhya Pradesh

Last week, Lakhan Yadav of Bhopal, a farmer, bought land for Rs 200. This week and found Rs 60.6 lakh diamond in that land.

A 45-year-old farmer from Madhya Pradesh recently discovered a magnificent pebble while digging his land. Soon he realized that the pebble was actually a 14.68 carat diamond, valued at Rs 60.6 lakh.

Upon finding the pebble, he first noticed that it looked a touch different. So he rubbed it with a touch and discovered that it was shiny. He then took it to the district diamond officer, who confirmed his suspicions.

Yadav had bought 10×10 piece of land on lease last week and did not expect it to pay off so soon, It has changed his life.

I am not an informed person and I have accumulated cash to ensure that my four children can get a good education.

Yadav got up before sleeping in Panna Park. The compensation amount he received after the eviction was spent in purchasing 2 hectares of land.

To celebrate this unexpected lottery, Yadav’s nephews insisted that he buy a motorcycle worth Rs 1 lakh and he got it.