Female prisoner will be hanged for the first time in the history of independent India

New Delhi: After India’s independence, for the first time in the country a woman is being hanged for her criminal act. For this, preparations have also been started in Mathura Jail. Shabnam (Sabnam), living in Amroha, is being given capital punishment.

Pawan executioner who hanged Nirbhaya convicts has also inspected the hanging house of Mathura jail twice.

Let me tell you that this case is of April 2008 when a woman named Shabnam, living in Amroha, brutally murdered 7 members of her own family along with her lover with an axe. His death sentence has been upheld by the lower court to the Supreme Court in this case.

After which Shabnam pleaded for mercy from the President, but now Rashtrapati Bhavan also rejected his mercy petition. This is why Shabnam will be the first woman to be hanged in the history of independent India. It is learned that Pawan hangman has come to inspect the hanging house twice for Shabnam’s hanging. The prison administration has corrected the lack of planks and levers used in the hanging. The rope for hanging is being ordered from Buxar.

It is learned that the hanging room for women in Mathura was built 150 years before independence, but no one was allowed to hang there. Superintendent of Mathura jail Shailendra Kumar Maitreya said that the date of hanging has not been set nor any order has come, but the jail administration has started preparations. Shabnam will be hanged as soon as the death warrant is issued.