Four Congress leaders in Rahul Gandhi’s constituency in Kerala resigned from the party

Among the resigned leaders, two of the leaders, MS Viswanathan and Sujaya Venugopal, have hinted that they will join the PCI (M).

In a jolt for Congress ahead of the upcoming Assembly elections in Kerala, four prominent party leaders in Wayanad, which is Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary constituency, have resigned from the party in the last week. Among the resigned leaders, two of them, MS Viswanathan and Sujaya Venugopal, have hinted that they will join the PCI (M).

MS Viswanathan, who was the secretary of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC), the Mahila Congress secretary of state, Sujaya Venugopal, PK Anil Kumar, who was the general secretary of the National Trade Union Congress of India and the member of KPCC, KK Viswanathan, are the leaders who resigned from the party. . Most of the leaders who resigned from the party have criticized the Congress District Committee because the party is not giving them due consideration.

In announcing his decision to resign from Congress, MS Viswanathan held a press meeting in Wayanad on Wednesday, declaring that DCC’s leadership in Wayanad was a failure. He said that he has not been given due consideration in the elections of the second part of the Assembly in the state. Viswanathan is currently a councilor in Sulthan Bathery Township. CPI (M) leaders in Wayanad were reportedly present with MS Viswanathan while he held a press meeting, hinting that he will join CPI (M).

Meanwhile, Sujaya Venugopal reportedly resigned from Congress a few days ago. Recently, Sujaya also appeared at a CPI (M) march held in Wayanad’s Kalpetta. Photos of Sujaya being welcomed by CPI (M) ‘s Kalpetta MLA CK Saseendran are being widely shared on social media.

KK Viswanathan, another Congress leader in Wayanad, who resigned earlier this week, also harshly criticized Wayanad DCC.

“Wayanad DCC is in the custody of three members. There are no joint discussions or decision making. During the opposition leader’s Aishwarya Kerala Yatra, it was the Wayanad district that showed poor turnout, while in other districts thousands arrived. There hasn’t been a time when I’ve been humiliated like this. in the game, and that’s why I’m not in the game, ”KK Viswanathan had said.