Ganga water in Greater Noida: Ganga canal pipeline work completed, gift of Ganga water in the new year

Greater Noida. The last obstacle to reach the Gangajal to the residents of Greater Noida has also ended. The work of crossing the pipeline from under the Eastern Peripheral Expressway was stopped, which has now been completed by the authority.

With this, all the pipelines of Gangajal from Dehra to Greater Noida have been connected. The CEO has started testing from 07 October from the plant located in Dehra, now the final testing will start soon. With this, the people of Greater Noida, who have been waiting for Gangajal for 15 years, have decided to take the New Year’s gift.

In 2005 it was proposed to bring 85 cusecs of Ganga water to Greater Noida through the Ganga Canal, but due to all the constraints, the project could not be carried out even in the next 10 years. In 2016, the goal of providing Gangajal to the people of Grenova was left behind. After 2017, the completion of this project of about Rs 800 crore has accelerated and in 2019 a target has been set to take Gangajal to Greater Noida.

Meanwhile, land disputes with the Forest Department, Irrigation Department, NTPC, and farmers also stopped, but these problems were also resolved soon. However, due to these reasons, the target of bringing Gangajal to Greater Noida in August 2021 could not be achieved. At the same time, due to the gas pipeline of IOCL and GAIL, the work came to a standstill for some time. CEO Narendra Bhushan talks to central departments for NOC. And the issue got resolved.

At the same time, due to rain till October 2021, the people of Greater Noida could not get Gangajal on target once again. Work stopped due to rain. Recently, there was also a problem in crossing the pipeline from under the Eastern Peripheral Expressway. The work was again interrupted for some time, however, with the consent of NHAI, the authority started the work of crossing the expressway by working in a trenchless manner.

With this, the work of connecting the pipeline up to Greater Noida has been completed. Earlier water testing was done from Dehra to Bishara. Further testing was stopped, which is now ready to start soon. In the new year, the residents of Greater Noida will start getting Gangajal.

In this matter, the CEO of Greater Noida Authority, Narendra Bhushan said that all the obstacles coming in the Gangajal project have been removed. The pipeline linking from Ganga Canal to Greater Noida has been completed. Very soon an effort will be made to bring Gangajal to the homes of the residents of Greater Noida.

A look at the important dates of the Gangajal Project

  • The Gangajal project was announced in 2005.
  • The first target to take Gangajal to Greater Noida in 2016
  • Work on this project has accelerated since 2017.
  • Permission to work under Delhi-Howrah railway line in February 2019
  • NOC from NTPC Dadri in July 2019
  • Forest Department gave permission to work in June 2021
  • IOCL got permission to lay pipeline in September 2021
  • Permission to lay the line under Eastern Peripheral Expressway in October 2021