Haryana Assembly: Manohar Lal Khattar Government Wins Trust Vote in Assembly

The Bharatiya Janata Party-Jananayak Janata Party government led by Manohar Lal Khattar won the trust vote in the Haryana Assembly against the no-confidence motion passed by the opposition on Wednesday, 10 March.

The motion was supported by 32 members and opposed by 55 members. The motion was moved by Leader of the Opposition BS Hooda in the first day of the government’s stand on the three controversial form laws of the Center.

While the Congress-led opposition was accusing the government during the day in the assembly that it failed to address the farmers’ issues on three controversial agricultural laws, CM Khattar in his address accused the Congress of spreading mistrust and not believing Planted. In any institution when he is in opposition.

What Haryana government said on no-confidence motion
Attacking the Congress in the Assembly, Khattar accused the opposition of resorting to criticism for criticism. ‘

“The antitrust culture is an old Congress tradition. However this mistrust can be seen within the party, in which PC Chacko may leave the party. Sometimes it is G23 or mistrust between Surjewala or Hooda Saheb in the state, ”said Khattar.

“No confidence” is the culture of Congress. When the party loses the election, there is no confidence in the EVMs. It sought evidence after the surgical strike. One should not criticize for criticism. If the Congress is in power, then all is well, but if it is the BJP, then there is nothing, ”he said.

Earlier speaking to the media, JJP leader and Haryana Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala attacked the Congress and said that contract farming was started by Hooda in 2014.

Chautala said, “The Leader of the Opposition (BS Hooda) agreed that he introduced contract farming in 2014 which reflects his double standards and we will respond to it in the Legislative Assembly.”

What did the Haryana Opposition say in the Legislative Assembly
Describing the government as a minority, Hooda said that the BJP failed to get a majority in the 2019 assembly elections and had to form the government with the support of the JJP (Jananayak Janata Party), which sought votes against the BJP.

Referring to CM Khattar as Nero, Hooda said, “The Chief Minister is behaving like Nero when Rome was burning. The same is happening in Haryana. “

“The situation was bad to the extent that Khattar could not go to Panipat to hoist the tricolor on Republic Day and instead went to neighboring Panchkula to escape the wrath of the farmers,” said Hooda.

He had demanded a secret ballot on the no-confidence motion, which was rejected by speaker Gion Chand Gupta.

No-confidence motion was a calculated move to embarrass the JJP, who was a partner in the electoral alliance with the BJP-led government, which backed the saffron party despite claiming to be a rural Jat organization Are doing – a party centered with farmers as its original vote bank.

The JJP is also facing criticism for not exiting the coalition over the issue of farmers and ‘sticking to power’.

“The no-confidence motion will let people know which MLA is standing with the government and which MLA is standing with the farmers. Due to the lack of sufficient numbers on their behalf when asked about the opposition, Hooda said: “But this does not mean the opposition will not play its role. “Hooda said.