Here are some effective ways to please Shani Dev or Shani Graha

Shanidev is also known as Shani Graha. According to Hindu mythology, he is the son of Surya Dev (Sun) and Chhaya (Shadow), that is why he is also called Chhayaputra. Some astrologers consider this planet to be the most aggressive and cruel of all the nine planets. Shani Dev is known as the God of Justice, who is the symbol of ‘Karma’; He rewards and punishes every human being according to his deeds.

In Hindu mythology, when a child is born, their birth chart (horoscope) is created based on the planetary positions of celestial bodies, which determines their future. This is the planet from which people fear bad luck the most.

Those born under their influence have a condition called ‘Shani Mahadasha’ or ‘Sadhesati’ in their horoscope, which creates immense problems, sorrows and unrest in their lives. But it is also said that the ‘dosha’ can be overcome by pleasing them in the right way. He is the one who teaches the ‘devotees’ and gives them a chance to correct their mistakes. In this article, we will share powerful and simple ways to please Shani Dev and increase your good fortune.

Chant ‘Shani Mantra’ and ‘Shani Strotam’

Everyone knows how sacred mantras are. You may not fully understand the power of mantras, but the sounds, words and phrases used are believed to have spiritual and transformative powers, ultimately connecting you mentally and spiritually to the respective deity, as these mantras help people. hold a special place in the hearts of.

As mentioned earlier, Shani Dev is the lord of karma, and he gives rewards and punishments according to the deeds of the person. Very few people are aware of how kind and soft-hearted he is once pleased. Shani Dev is pleased with the good deeds of people. In the modern age, one quote holds true: “You reap what you sow.”


Shani is the god of action. You can donate voluntarily to the needy with the intention of love, helping and without expecting anything in return. These are small but effective and practical ways to please Shani Dev. Moreover, once you complete your donation campaign, the satisfaction you will get will be enough for you.

Light a lamp with sesame/mustard oil

He is pleased when you offer him a lamp lit with mustard or sesame oil especially on Saturday, because Saturday is dedicated to him. It is advisable to wear black clothes on Saturday. Offering black clothes, black sesame seeds, urad dal, iron utensils and blankets can yield good results.

Remove toxins from your life

Shani Dev is easily pleased with those who do not consume alcohol and non-vegetarian food. To expect good results, you can offer sweet milk to the banyan tree.

Worship hanuman ji every saturday

Saturday is also associated with Lord Hanuman. Shanidev is pleased by chanting ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ every Saturday. It is believed that feeding jaggery and black gram to monkeys can bring good luck in your life.

Worship the peepal tree

It is advisable to worship the Peepal tree especially on Saturday morning when you are troubled by ‘Maha Dosh’. Offer water to the Peepal tree and revolve around it seven times in a clockwise direction, this action is called ‘Parikrama’.

By following these practices, you can please Shani Dev and bring positive changes in your life.