Here Know why chickenpox is called ‘Mata’ in India? What is the myth about it?

Superstitions and superstitions are not limited to India only. These beliefs have existed for centuries, there are many such beliefs in India that have no reason. Some diseases are also associated with superstition and one of them is smallpox. Smallpox is called mother in India, especially in rural areas, but the reason behind it is very few people.

यहां जानिए भारत में चिकनपॉक्स को ‘माता’ क्यों कहा जाता है? इसके बारे में मिथक क्या है?

Why is chickenpox called ‘Mata’ in India?
Chickenpox is an infectious disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus. Due to this, red rash occurs all over the body of the victim. This disease spreads rapidly from one person to another. If a person comes in direct contact with someone suffering from chickenpox, they can get it too. The disease usually occurs in children and adolescents and is aggravated by lack of hygiene.

Now if smallpox spreads like a virus, why is it called mother? Chickenpox is related to Sheetla Mata. Sheetla Mata is considered a form of Durga Mata and is known as the goddess who removes diseases. Sheetla Mata holds a broom in one hand and holy water in the other. She punishes human beings by giving them diseases with a broom and then removes diseases with holy water.

According to the scriptures, there used to be an Asura named Jovarasura. He used to kill children by giving them high fever. Then Mother Katyayani took the form of Mother Sheetla and entered the body of the children. As soon as he entered his body, he got rashes and he healed the children from inside. Since then it is believed that during chickenpox the mother enters the body and heals the person from inside.