Here’s Government issued New guidelines Corona: What Are New? Travel Rules Change?

In view of an exponential increase in COVID cases, the Central Government on Tuesday 23 March issued a “Test-Track-Treat” (TTT) protocol in all parts of the country to ensure that everyone adheres to epidemic-appropriate behavior and Enhance the vaccination campaign by covering all target groups.

New guidelines for vaccination: Revised COVID 19 Vaccine 2nd dose schedule for Covishield & Covaxin

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued the SOP order with guidelines for effective control of the deadly pandemic, which will take effect from 1 April and remain in force till 30 April.

The main focus of the guidelines is to consolidate the substantial benefit gained in achieving the prevalence of COVID, which was visible in the continued decline in the number of active cases, for about five months.

What are the rules? Here is all you need to know

The Center directed the States and Union Territories to rapidly increase the proportion of RT-PCR tests to reach the prescribed level of 70 percent or more. Therefore, individuals with any or no symptoms can undergo tests in both private and government laboratories.

What are the rules for conducting COVID-19 test?

It is also recommended that new positive cases be detected as a result of intensive testing, which should be isolated as soon as possible or timely treatment is provided. According to protocol, contacts with new cases should be detected as soon as possible, and thus isolated.

What are the new rules in the construction zone?

Based on tracking positive cases and their contacts in this regard, the focus area will be carefully demarcated at the micro level, by the district authorities, keeping in mind the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), The ministry said. .

The list of respective zones will be notified on the web sites by the respective district collectors and the states or union territories. This list will also be shared with MoHFW on a regular basis.

Within delimited container areas, preventive measures prescribed by MoHFW will be investigated, including strict perimeter control, intensive house-to-house monitoring, influenza-like illness (ILI) and severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) Have done

Should I wear a mask even if I am vaccinated?

You should follow the COVID-19 protocol, whether you get vaccinated or otherwise, because the epidemic is not over yet.

Put on your mask, even if you are vaccinated, practice social disturbances and hand hygiene.

Are there any restrictions on inter-state travel?

There will be no restriction on the inter-state and inter-state movement of persons and goods for land-border trade under treaties with neighboring countries. Such movements will not require separate permission or e-permit.

Do I need to know about any other rules?

All activities are permitted outside the control zone and SOPs have been prescribed for various activities. These include movement by passenger trains; Air travel; Metro trains; school; Higher Education Institute; Hotel and Restaurant; Shopping malls, multiplexes and amusement parks; Yoga center and gymnasium; Exhibitions, Assemblies, and Assemblies.