Here’s how Sankatmochan Hanuman was born from the boon of the sages?

Hanuman ji was born on Chaitra Purnima Tuesday in the conjunction of Nakshatra and Aries ascendant. Hanuman ji is the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva

Goswami Tulsi Das, the author of Ramramcharitmanas, has written in a quartet that the mantra Mahamani Vishya Bial. Mett hard well. That is, there are mantras and mahamani to remove the poison of the snake in the form of a subject. That is, mantras transmit positive energy and destroy negative energy.

On Tuesday, chanting the mantra of Lord Hanuman ji and reciting the Sundarkand destroys all the troubles and brings happiness and prosperity. Also, by reading the story of the birth of Sankatmochan Hanuman ji on this day, energy is transmitted in the body and negative forces end. So let’s know the wonderful story of the birth of the brave Mahavir of the heroes.

According to the Vedas and Puranas, Pawan’s son Hanuman ji was born on Chaitra Purnima on Tuesday in the conjunction of Nakshatra and Aries ascendant. Hanuman ji’s father was Kesari, the monkey king of Sumeru mountain and mother was Anjani. Describing the birth of Sankatmochan Lord Hanuman ji in Ramcharitmanas, it has been written that Hanuman ji was born with a boon given by the sages. It is said that once Vanararaj Kesari reached near Prabhas Tirtha. There he saw that many sages had come there and worshiped by placing a seat on the sea shore. Then a huge elephant came there and started disturbing and disturbing the yagya of the sages. Then Vanararaj Kesari saw the elephant making a ruckus from the top of the mountain. Seeing this, they broke the teeth of this giant elephant and killed it. Pleased with this, the sages granted the boon to the monkey king Kesari to take the form as per his wish, to be as mighty as Pawan and to be a son like Rudra.

According to the legend, one day Mata Anjani was going towards the summit of the mountain taking human form. Then she started looking at Lord Surya after seeing the beauty of the setting sun. Suddenly a strong wind started blowing and their clothes started flying. Seeing the wind blowing fast, she looked around. But they saw no one and the leaves were not moving. Seeing this, Mother Anjani felt that some elusive demon was doing this act by becoming invisible. On this, she got angry and she said, ‘Who is evil trying to insult me, a pious woman’.

Then suddenly Pawan Dev appeared in front of Mother Anjani with folded hands and said, O Goddess, do not be angry and forgive me. Your husband has been blessed by the sages to be a mighty son like me. That is why I am constrained and because of this compulsion I have touched your body. With my share you will get a majestic child.

He further said that O Goddess, Lord Rudra has entered as your son by my touch. He will appear as your son. Thus Vanararaj himself has incarnated as Lord Shiva in Kesari.

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