Here’s how the drug can harm the liver

The medications you take can benefit your body, but at the same time, they can also harm your liver because one of the main jobs of your liver is to metabolize them. According to carefully conducted studies, one lakh to three lakh people die every year from drug reactions, excluding allergic reactions and overdoses.

Your body has a way of dealing with the drugs you take, and it’s a four-step process known as ADME Innovative Commons Close, an acronym that stands for absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. Have taken. Medicines have their action when they enter the body’s circulation from the site of administration.

This can be done in several ways, such as by mouth or injection, or intravenously. Once a drug is absorbed, it usually travels through the bloodstream to where it is targeted.

Medicines taken by mouth are first taken to the liver, where most are metabolized, and some are converted into other compounds. Medicines absorbed or injected through the skin reach the liver after circulating throughout the body. Keep in mind that all cells have a detoxification system that also metabolizes drugs.

In the liver, absorbed substances are often chemically transformed and transformed by enzymes. However, some are not detoxified, and are instead transformed by other metabolic processes in the liver. This is true not only for medications, but also for herbal products and supplements.

For some drugs, the liver detoxifies the compound through the Phase 1 and Phase 2 processes discussed earlier, ultimately removing the drug from the body through the feces, through bile, or through the kidneys.

For some products, another problem arises, the drug can directly damage liver cells, causing impaired liver function. This condition is known as liver toxicity, liver toxicity, or toxic hepatitis, which means that, under such circumstances, the detoxification and metabolic abilities of the liver are impaired.

When this happens, the toxicity of the drugs increases significantly. If this happens, medications that are normally safe become dangerous, even at prescribed doses.

Depending on the product, medications, chemicals, solvents, alcohol, supplements, and chemotherapy can all cause liver toxicity. It has been shown that pharmaceutical drugs are far more harmful than natural substances. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, deaths from natural substances are rare.

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