Hindu Festival Mahashivratri Vrat Katha, Workship Method

Mahashivratri 2023: Like every Hindu festival this year, there is doubt among people regarding the date of Mahashivratri. According to the Hindu calendar, in the year 2023, the Chaturdashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha will start from 8:02 PM on February 18 and end the next day on February 19 at 4:18 PM. Since Mahashivaratri is worshiped in the Nishita period, it would be appropriate to celebrate this festival on 18th February only.

Four o’clock worship
First hour worship – 18 February from 06:41 pm to 09:47 pm
Second hour worship – 18 February from 09:47 pm to 12:53 pm
Third hour worship – 19 February from 12:53 pm to 03:58 pm
Fourth hour worship – on February 19 from 03:58 am to 07:06 am
Vrat Paran – February 19 from 06:11 am to 02:41 pm

worship method
On the day of Mahashivaratri, wake up before sunrise and take a bath and take a vow of fasting by wearing clean clothes. Then worship Lord Shiva according to the rules and regulations and do Abhishek with Panchamrit. Offer Belpatra, Bhang, Dhatura, Nutmeg, Kamal Gatte, fruits, flowers, sweets, sweet paan, perfume etc. to Bholenath. Also chant Om Namah Shivay mantra. Recite Shiv Chalisa and do Shiva Aarti at the end.

Vrat Katha
Once Parvati ji asked Lord Shiv Shankar – Which is the best and simple fast-worship, by which the creatures of the land of death can easily receive your blessings? Told this story- Once there was a hunter named Chitrabhanu. He used to feed his family by killing animals. He was indebted to a moneylender, but could not repay his loan in time. The angry moneylender imprisoned the hunter in Shivmath. Coincidentally that day was Shivratri. The hunter kept on listening to the religious talk related to Shiva while being meditative. He also heard the story of Shivratri fast on Chaturdashi. As soon as evening came, the moneylender called him to him and talked about repaying the loan. The hunter was released from bondage by promising to return all the debt the next day.

As per his routine, he went out for hunting in the forest. But due to being in the prison house all day, he was distraught with hunger and thirst. For hunting, he started making a camp on a vine-tree on the bank of a pond. There was a Shivling under the Bael tree which was covered with leaves. Hunter could not find the person The twigs he broke while making the camp accidentally fell on the Shivling. In this way, the fasting of the hungry and thirsty hunter was done for the whole day and Bel leaves were also put on the Shivling.

After one o’clock in the night, a pregnant epilepsy reached the pond to drink water. As soon as the hunter put an arrow on the bow and pulled the string, the epilepsy said – I am pregnant. I will give birth soon. You will be killing two souls at the same time, which is not right. I will present myself before you soon after giving birth to the child, then kill me.’ The hunter loosened the noose and the deer disappeared into the wild bushes. After some time, another epilepsy came out from there. The hunter was on cloud nine After coming close, he put the bow on the arrow. Then seeing him the epilepsy humbly requested, ‘O Pardhi! I have retired from the season a while back. I am a sensual virgin. I am wandering in search of my beloved. I will come to you soon after meeting my husband. The hunter let him go as well He was perturbed over losing his prey twice. He was in all sort of thoughts

It was the last hour of the night. Then another epilepsy came out from there with her children. It was a golden opportunity for the hunter. He did not take long to put an arrow on the bow. He was about to release the arrow when the epilepsy said, ‘O Pardhi!’ I will return after handing these children over to their father. leave me this time The hunter laughed at this and said – leave the prey that came in front of me, I am not such a fool. I have lost my prey twice before. My children must be suffering from hunger and thirst. In reply Mrigi again said, just as the love of your children is troubling you, so am I. That’s why I am asking for life for a while only in the name of children. Hey Pardhi! Trust me, I promise to leave them with their father and return immediately.

Hearing the humble voice of the epilepsy, the hunter felt pity on him. He let that chicken escape too In the absence of prey, the hunter sitting on the vine-tree was breaking the leaves and throwing them down. When the dawn was about to break, a strong antelope came on the same way. The hunter thought that he would definitely hunt it.

Seeing the trunk of the hunter, the antelope said in a polite voice – O Pardhi brother! If you have killed three epilepsy and small children coming before me, then do not delay in killing me too, so that I do not have to suffer even for a moment in their separation. I am the husband of those epilepsy. If you have given them life, then please give me a few moments of life too. I will appear before you after meeting him.

On listening to the antelope, the whole night’s events revolved in front of the hunter. He told the whole story to the deer. Then the deer said – The way my three wives have gone with a promise, they will not be able to follow their religion after my death. so as you left them as confidants