Here’s why Rana Daggubati signed the film ‘Hathi Mere Sathi’

This adventure drama required the actor to devote nearly a year to training with elephants, shooting at unheard locations away from humanity, and even working on body transformation and body language.

But Rana accepted the challenge with a big smile as he had a noble reason for it. Apart from being part of a unique and noble story, it was his way of expressing gratitude to nature and mankind.

Sharing her reasons, Rana said, “The idea of ​​the story of Hathi Mere Saathi was originated in the mind of Prabhu Solomon. And if you watch some of his movies in Tamil like Kumki and Mayna, they are rooted and in the jungle. He is close to setting up. He wanted to make a big film that is adventurous and with elephants and also underscores a reason he has believed in for the past several times. Eros and he brought this film for me. “

Describing his decision to dedicate himself to the trilingual directed by Prabhu Solomon, Rana explains, “After Bahubali, I thought, ‘Okay, what do I do now?” For me, Bandeva was a great character, because he was a man who was fighting for elephants, fighting for the jungle. When I first heard the story, it sounded like an old version of Mowgli. If Mowgli had grown up and had a problem with society, what would he have done? “

Explaining why elephants are my companion’s global appeal, Rana says, “What I have realized is that elephants, animals and nature are so closely related to us that it doesn’t matter if you Which part of the country they live in. So this is the best film you can mount and bring out as a national film. “

Not only this, Rana shared this trilingual film as a Noble, “We are living in a time where we are aware of how the environment changes and how we need to be careful and do the right thing.” There is a need. So in that sense, it is truly a big adventure film and at the same time, the film shares a message that is very noble. “

Elephant Mere Saathi is a story that traces the story of a man (Rana Daggubati) who spends most of his life in the jungle while protecting the ecosystem. The first 2021 trilingual film, Aranya in Telugu and Kadan in Tamil, will be released.

It will be a hat-trick for Rana as Hathi Mere Saathi is his third trilingual film after the acclaimed Bahubali series and The Ghazi Attack.

The film is being produced by Eros Motion Pictures, a division of Eros STX Global Corporation, an established name in the Indian film industry with a track record of over 40 years.

This pan-India multilingual film will be released in theaters near you on 26 March 2021.