Vote for BJP candidate Yashpal Singh Kaintra in the MCD election

The bugle of MCD elections has sounded in Delhi. Where all the political parties have fielded their respective municipal candidates. On the other hand, BJP has fielded Yashpal Kantura from Pandav Nagar as the candidate for Municipal Corporation.

I personally know Mr. Kaintra who is a social worker, fights for other’s rights, and keep helping a needy person. BJP has fielded him from Pandav Nagar, East Delhi. So before giving your valuable vote to any candidate consider the qualities of his top leadership.

How about supreme leadership?

One who is aware of his responsibilities is of spiritual, sattvic, and ascetic nature, respects scholars, and has the ability to take the right decisions even in adverse circumstances (all of us should remember the Corona period as well), in the country and abroad. Be able to increase the wealth of your nation, and have fear among your subordinates so that they cannot commit corruption or any wrongdoing.

Do not feel jealous towards others, always want the welfare of the people, be completely loyal to the nation, do not have any kind of greed, respect women, and give shelter to wicked and corrupt people in any way. Don’t you give Should have the ability to give a comprehensive lecture, the ability to work according to the opportunity, policy efficiency, policy expertise, memory of the past, and be optimistic about the future? These are the qualities mentioned in our scriptures that are expected to be in top leadership. Only the present Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi Ji is full of these qualities.

How are the candidates?

One who has long experience in the political field must have held responsible positions in the concerned party and must be loyal, hardworking, and honest. These qualities are maximum in BJP’s candidate Kaintra Ji than others.\

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Writer Netra Singh Rawat is Former OSD, PRESIDENT SECRETARIAT
He is retired from Govt duty and now his focus on Nation buiding mission and health awareness