HSRP mandatory for all UP registered Vehicle; Deadline set for November 15

HSRP mandatory for all UP registered Vehicle

New Delhi: Vehicle owners whose number plate last digit is 0 and 1 should immediately get the High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) installed as its last date is coming to an end on Monday (November 15). Failure to do so may result in heavy fines for vehicle owners. Relief will be given to those who have receipt or other proof of online booking of HSRP.

Further, despite the issuance of orders for the same by Transport Commissioner Dheeraj Sahu, vehicle owners have not yet shown interest in setting up HSRP.

Earlier, the date of implementation of HSRP in two wheeler, four wheeler and commercial vehicles was July 15. Due to Kovid-19, the deadline for installation of number plates was extended till 30 September by the Transport Department. Also, the date has been fixed according to the number of vehicles owned by private vehicle owners.

Here the dates are decided according to the last digit of the number plate.

By November 15, 2021 – Private vehicles registered in all the districts of the state with the number 0 and finally 1.
By 15 February 2022 – Vehicles registered with 2 and 3 at the end of the number.
By 15 May 2022 – Vehicles registered with 4 and 5 at the end of the last number.
Till 15th August 2022 – Enter 6 and 7 at the end of the registered vehicle number.
By 15 November 2022 – Vehicles registered with numbers 8 and 9 at the en

Penalty for not applying number plate
If caught driving a vehicle without applying HSRP, fine and challan will be deducted on the owner of the vehicle. Under the Motor Vehicle Act, there is a rule of fine of five thousand rupees for writing without number plate or arbitrary number plate.

Meanwhile, there has been no change in the dates yet. Vehicle owners will have to put up a new registration plate as per the rules. Otherwise, they will have to go through the process of challan and fine in the coming days.

(with agency input)