If we protect the environment, the environment will protect us

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah today launched a tree plantation program at nine different places in the city by planting a tree at Sindhu Bhavan Road in Ahmedabad in Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency. Amit Shah said on this occasion that the tree plantation program is small in stature but its impact and magnitude are so wide that it causes to provide healthy and long life to many generations to come. If the tree is not taken care of, the very existence of the earth will be in danger.

The Home Minister said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi started a campaign to make the environment aware and ran many campaigns including solar energy, wind energy. Shri Shah said that in the last seven years, India has done a lot of work in the solar energy and wind energy sector, which has made it the fifth leading position in the world.

Amit Shah said that Narendra Modi has done the work of protecting the environment by delivering LPG cylinders to 14 crore people of the country. Also, the Modi government has distributed a large number of electricity-saving bulbs.

The Home Minister said that if we take care of the environment, then the environment will take care of us – Shri Narendra Modi has imparted the lessons of this ancient Indian culture through his actions, policies and his hard work. In our Upanishads also, trees have been glorified at many places.

Amit Shah called for making Ahmedabad the most green coverage city not only in India but in the world and it is possible. Shri Shah said that 5000 trees were destroyed in the city due to the recent storm, in front of which the city administration has done a commendable job of increasing the tree plantation target from 10 lakh to 15 lakh. Shri Shah said that efforts should be made to plant such trees which can give oxygen for three to four generations.

The Home Minister talked about planting trees like peepal, banyan, neem, jamun along with reducing the damage to the ozone level due to carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Describing the benefits of medicinal properties of trees, Shri Shah said that in Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency, it has been resolved to keep more than 11 lakh trees alive, for which all workers and citizens will have to work.

Amit Shah said that in the dire situation of Corona, along with the whole world, India is also facing many troubles. Many people have lost their loved ones. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, a campaign of free vaccination has been started for all citizens above 18 years of age across the country, we should vaccinate everyone one by one. Shri Shah called upon all the citizens to resolve that wherever every person is living, all the people should take the vaccine, make such arrangements.

Mayor of Ahmedabad, Chairman of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Standing Committee, City President and other dignitaries were present in the tree plantation program.