IISF 2020: India International Science Festival inaugurated

New Delhi: Indian International Science Film Festival (ISFFI) is a major attraction of the Indian International Science Festival (IISF) 2020. This year ISFFI has received 634 science film entries from 60 countries. It is a large and important platform for enthusiastic and young filmmakers to contribute in making science films and popularizing science.

Addressing the inaugural session of ISFFI, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Science and Technology, Earth Sciences and Health and Family Welfare said that many types of films have been received, because these films are related to science, technology, awareness related to Covid-19 and India’s Attempts to become self-reliant are based on topics such as. Science films are a good medium for conveying science.

Filmmaker and Jury President of ISFFI, Mr. Mike Pandey said that the size and scale of films is increasing every year. The event has now become a major platform to facilitate future science filmmakers. There is huge potential available here and we can share our experience to nurture such manufacturers.

Dr. Uy Hoang, President of the Public Health Film Society of Britain, said that the message of science is ready to face the challenge of bringing people together and the filmmakers have also started to tackle the issue and it is expected that This goal will be achieved soon.

Director of Science Extension Nakula Parashar said that we have a good experience of organizing film festivals because we have already organized the 10th edition of the National Science Film Festival earlier. We are equally excited about this film festival. ISFFI coordinator Mr. Nimish Kapoor said that efforts are being made to make full use of the potential of the medium of films to popularize science. We will screen over 200 films online during IISF. The names of the award-winning films will be announced on 25 December.

The aim of the Indian International Science Film Festival is to increase the popularity of science among citizens and attract young science filmmakers and science enthusiasts. The event provides an opportunity for students and filmmakers to get involved in the process of communication of science through films.