Indian-American Pramila Jaipal elected as President of Congress Progressive Caucus

Washington: Indian-American Congresswoman Pramila Jaipal has been elected because the President of the Congress Progressive Caucus (CPC), making her one among the foremost powerful US lawmakers for the 117th Congress.

The 55-year-old Ms. Jaipal, who was elected on Wednesday, said the caucus goes to advance racial justice, tackle poverty and inequality, and help change the country.

Ms. Jaipal said, “As this lifelong organizer, i’m honored that my colleagues have chosen me to steer the Congressional Progressive Caucus at this significant moment.” Next Biden Administration. Joe Biden is scheduled to take over as America’s 46th president on January 20.

There is a huge knock at the door of our country, and therefore the work of progressive caucus has never been more important. Ms. Jaipal said that the American people got to lead with vision, conviction, empathy and dedication to the people and families in every community, which Ms. Jaipal said.

The incoming Executive Board of Congressional Progressive Caucus is formed from 26 members, one president, one vice-president, one whip, two chairman emeritus, two special order hour convenors, ten vice presidents, one executive member at-large, and eight whips.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus Executive Board is representative of diversity within the caucus, quite half the chief board members are people of color and quite half are women.

Incoming CPC vice-president Congresswoman Katie Porter said that in 2018, many of her Democratic colleagues and she successfully ran campaigns rooted in progressive values.

Instead of stepping faraway from our core principles, we made them clear that a progressive agenda isn’t only the proper policy for America, but also a winning political message.

CPC Whip Congresswoman Ilhan Omar said, “We have a singular opportunity to fight for transformational change within the 117th Congress, whether it’s addressing the coronovirus epidemic, undergoing universal healthcare, handling the climate crisis or Redefining our policy .

I said that I wanted to still represent fearless leaders like Reps also as my colleagues in building an efficient progressive polling place in Congress. Pramila Jaipal and Katie said.

Among others, Indian-American Congressman RO Khanna has been elected as a sub-whip, while Congressman Rashida Talib has been elected as vice-president for member services.

There are massive crises knocking at the doors of our country and our work has never been more important. Ms. Jaipal said in a tweet that it’s time for the Congress to work boldly and restore power.

Together, our caucuses are getting to provide real relief to families, advance racial justice, tackle poverty and inequality, champion climate justice, and help transform this country in order that working people can finally move forward. Let it work, Ms. Jaipal said.