Jugest Music and Zee Music release Jugni 2 album

Mumbai: The day has finally arrived! After the poster released back to back teaser, the new version of Jugni ‘Jugni 2.0’ has now come out and we are eager for our feet. The new year countdown which has already started, there cannot be a better release date for this song. This is the album we’ve all been eagerly looking forward to and this chartbuster will definitely top our playlist again.

Judgest Music took it to their social media and shared, “D-Day has finally arrived. Presenting #Jugni 2.0 by @ kanik4kapoor ft. @Mumzystranger! Giving you a perfect song to end 2020 and enter 2021 in style.

The song features singer and artist Mumzi Stranger. The song is given by Kanika Kapoor Awaaz.

Judgest Music has given us many songs that fit perfectly for every mood and Jugni 2.0 is a party hit that we cannot miss. Other songs include ‘Love You Te Doja Sorry’ and ‘Smilega India’, which created waves.

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