Kangana queations Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi: Kangana is not taking the name of the dispute between Ranaut and the Maharashtra government. Kangana seems to be angry with BMC and Uddhav Thackeray since her office was demolished. Her sarcastic tweets are constantly coming. This time her target is the current Congress President Sonia Gandhi. She has questioned Sonia by tweeting and asked to intervene on the issue.

Kangana Ranaut tweeted to Sonia Gandhi, asking, “Doesn’t she mind as a woman that the Maharashtra government is doing this with Kangana?” Kangana asked, can you not ask your party to uphold the principles of the constitution which Dr. Ambedkar gave us. Kangana’s tweet is now becoming increasingly viral on social media.
She said, “You grew up in the West and live here in India.” You can be aware of women’s struggle. When your own government is harassing women and making sure the mockery of law and order, history will judge your silence and apathy. I hope you will interfere. “

She shared a video of Bala Saheb’s interview and wrote, “The great Bala Saheb Thackeray is one of my favorite icons, his biggest fear was that someday the Shiv Sena will form an alliance and form the Congress.” I want to know what is his conscious sentiment given his party’s position today?

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