‘KGF-2’ teaser will be released soon, Rocky will be seen in different shades in Chapter 2!

Mumbai: Yash was part of ‘KGF Chapter 1’ where both the film and the actor were greatly appreciated. The film has established a place in cinema that will be remembered for ages to come and Yash has given new meaning to the term superstardom. KGF 1 was released 2 years ago in 2018, after a huge success at the box office the film also performed well on its television telecast.

KGF fans are waiting for the second part of the film and surprisingly it was announced in 2020. With this, the teaser of KGF 2 will be released tomorrow, January 8 at 10:18 am, making a bang for the New Year. On the occasion of Superstar Yash’s birthday, it is a gift for all his fans.

Yash shared, “KGF 1 was a magnum opus film that was a complete labor of love and ambition. We had many limitations with Chapter 1 and ambition was the fuel that has led us to this. The team really hard. Have worked hard and the success that Chapter 1 has achieved is, undoubtedly, huge in every way. We have just worked hard, putting KGF 2 together and made it more massive. Chapter 1’s success Has empowered us to do better and we hope to please and entertain our existing audience and at the same time, KGF is looking forward to increase viewership and fans with Chapter 2. Our agenda is audience entertainment To do. “

On his role in KGF Chapter 2, Yash shared, “Chapter 1 was an introduction to Rocky, his personality and his world. In KGF 2, you’ll see some different shades of Rocky that you haven’t seen before. It’s a big action. Will be packed and emotional ride! “

KGF 2 Mindblowing is the sequel to the film which will feature Yash and Sanjay Dutt in the lead roles. ‘KGF 2’ is produced by Vijay Kirgandur and directed by Prashanth Neel, presented by Excel Entertainment, Humble Films and AA Films. The first scene, ‘KGF Chapter 2’s Teaser’, will be released on January 8, 2021 at 10:18 am on Humbel Films Handle.