KK Menon will return as Himmat Singh with ‘Special Ops 1.5’!

Mumbai: After the resounding success of the espionage thriller Special Ops, Hotstar Special is set to introduce a new form of storytelling with the launch of ‘Special Ops Universe’ composed by filmmaker Neeraj Pandey and Friday storytellers. For the first time in India, many characters, stories, and seasons in multi-series format will co-exist within the Universe; In which viewers will get a new experience to enjoy thriller and action series.

KK Menon, who was liked by millions for his portrayal of Himmat Singh, is now returning to reveal his backstory in Special Ops Season 1.5: The Himmat Story.

‘Special Ops Season 1.5: The Himmat Story’ has been in touch since 2001 and explores the previous years of Himmat Singh as a Raw Agent and how he uses his intelligence and intelligence for a separate operation. Although the show will be launched later this year, the makers have released an interesting first look. Like the special ops, the series will also be shot in many international locations and will feature double doses of action and drama.

Sunil Ryan, president and head of Disney + Hotstar, said, “Within a few weeks of launch, Special Ops became one of the biggest shows of 2020. We are excited to venture into this nonlinear format of the story that brings the entire universe alive; Where stories and different characters can co-exist simultaneously. The scale at which it is being conceived is huge and it reflects our passion to create world-class entertainment for our audiences. We will continue to bring new and unique content for people to enjoy; And we are thrilled to partner with Neeraj Pandey to bring this ambitious new format to life, which has never been done in India before. “

Director Neeraj Pandey said, “Special Ops was envisaged as a universe that would go beyond the regular nurturing of liner seasons and conventional storytelling, And the actors and characters will play it well. The response from the audience prompted this journey to begin. We are starting with a unique special Ops 1.5; Which is neither a prequel nor a sequel and with this, the audience will get to see the backstory of the main hero Himmat Singh! The series will begin with another case being handed over to Himmat Singh, but the deflection point is the same Parliament attack that started the chain of events. It will be told during 3 episodes which will be about an hour. “

Actor KK Menon said, “If you think you have seen the best side of Himmat Singh, then you need to wait for Special Ops 1.5 – it’s a powerful redemption story! While it’s not a prequel to Special Ops, But there is some interesting history about the character that will come out. As an actor, I try to do different things, and being part of a new universe is very exciting. “

The first of its kind in digital content, Hotstar Special ‘Special Ops Universe’ is presented by the Friday storytellers, which will liven up many character stories and plots over the course of the season, and is exclusively available to Disney + Hotstar VIP and Disney + Hotstar Premium customers.