Ladakh climate activist, Sonam Wangchuk’s hunger strike of 21 days

Sonam Wangchuk, a well-known Ladakhi innovator, climate activist, educator, and environmentalist, sat on a 21-day Climate Fast in Leh, Ladakh, to highlight the issue of climate change to the Government, and today this climate protest enters its13th day.

250 people also joined Reformist Sonam Wangchuk in this protest, they were all sleeping in -12 °C to reminding of the promises that the Indian Government has made four year ago, they all are demanding Union Territory’s constitutional safeguards. They all are surviving on salt and water for the past days in open in sub-zero temperature in Leh.


Hundreds of people at 3,500 metres above the sea level appealing to the Government of India to fulfil its promise, i.e., to include Ladakh in the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution (the protection of Ladakh) and give statehood for the region, their concerns are regarding the surrounding the Himalayas, and industries that have been exploiting the mountains by building dams and mining.

Sonam Wangchuk announces that he, along with 10,000 people Ladakhi shepherds & farmers soon, was planning a border march along China this month demonstrate the land area that we have lost to the neighboring country. Their agenda is to showcase of the ground reality.