Lockdown extended for a week in Delhi, Kejriwal confirmed by tweeting

New Delhi: To curb the spread of coronovirus in the city, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday announced a lockout in the national capital for another week till May 8. The lockout is being done for a week in Delhi till 8 May (Monday, 5 am). CM Kejriwal has confirmed this by tweeting. Earlier on 19 April and later on 25 April, CM Kejriwal imposed a complete lockout in the national capital to bring the situation under control.

The survey conducted by Local Circles, a community social media platform, demanded a lockdown. A total of 48 per cent of the respondents asked the Kejriwal government to shut down two more weeks, while 68 per cent of the respondents demanded extension of the lockdown by at least one week. The survey received over 8,000 responses from residents located in all 11 districts of Delhi

In addition, the Confederation of All India Traders, a domestic traders body, also urged the Delhi government to call off the epidemic to bring it under control. In a letter to CM Kejriwal, CAIT said that the current data shows that the situation in Delhi is quite worrisome.

In the last few days, the number of corona-infected patients has risen significantly in Delhi. Even the death toll from Corona has started increasing now. Despite the lockdown of the last six days in the capital Delhi, there has not been any reduction in the death toll. The graph of the corona is climbing rapidly. In such a situation, there was every possibility that the Delhi government would proceed with the lockdown.

In view of the rapid situation in Delhi which is becoming uncontrollable and the number of corona infected patients is increasing, the Health Department has raised its hands. According to the health department sources, patients are not able to get a place in the hospital due to lack of adequate resources. In Delhi, much less oxygen is available than the demand, due to which the death toll of patients is increasing. In this case, a few days more lockdown can be tried to control it.

Corona infection in Delhi is growing so fast that the situation is seen to be out of control. According to the data released by the Health Department at around 10:30 pm on Friday night, in the last 24 hours, there have been new cases of corona infection, 375 patients have died. In the same time, 25,288 patients have recovered from the infection. So far, 11,49,333 people have been infected in the national capital and 16,147 patients have died. Delhi had the highest number of 28,395 people infected on a single day on 20 April.

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