Mamta’s Strategist PK Rumblings in Trinamool as BJP Prepare plan of action

In Bengal, the opposition BJP and the Left-Congress alliance met separately to adopt the strategy of holding the Bengal Assembly elections, which is barely six months away. Strategist Prashant Kishore is conducting the elections on behalf of the ruling Trinamool Congress. Some MLAs in the party are squabbling with him, after Mr Kishore’s BD last week, his voice did not meet loudly Trinamool leader Suvendu Adhikari.

Mamta’s strategist Prashant Kishore was missing from Bihar Election as he was busy in Bengal election planning where he is facing blockade from own party leaders.

During the day, it was the BJP’s firepower within the exhibition. the highest leaders of Delhi divided Bengal into five regions and each central leader of the party was accountable. Sunil Deodhar, a strategist for the party that snatched Tripura from the left now he is responsible of Medinipur zone believe we’ll win a two-thirds majority in Bengal,

Rarbang Zone has been assigned to Binod Sonkar, North Bengal to Harish Dwivedi, Kolkata to Dushayant Gautam and Navadwip to Binod Toud.
The zone in-charge will meet on November 18, 19 and 20, verify the party’s position and send a report back to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the party’s chief strategist.

Based on his report, Mr. Shah may return to Kolkata on 30 November. If he does, he will return twice in less than a month. When he was last in Calcutta, Mr. Shah had set a target of 200 out of 294 seats in Bengal for the BJP. Amit Malaviya, now the top of the IT cell, a Bengal observer, reiterated that goal. “Bangla has decided to vote for Mamata Banerjee and give 200 seats to the BJP.”

Asked about Mr Malavia’s escape to Bengal, state BJP chief Dilip Ghosh said, At least we do not use mercenaries to push the party. Our people are party workers who are contesting elections coming to Bengal.

The Trinamool knows that this can be the main target of all BJP electoral strategists but the leaders seem irresponsible. Trinamool MP Saugata Roy said, “Amit Shah’s goal may be a dream come true and it’ll never be fulfilled. He just does what his party says he doesn’t got to take him seriously.”

Mr Rai isn’t concerned with the growing legislature and other party leaders against the blockade against Prashant Kishore. Murshidabad district Trinamool MLA Niyamat Sheikh said, “Do we’ve to find out politics from PK? Who is PK? If Trinamool is suffering in Bengal, then everything are going to be PK’s fault.”