MCD Election: Merger of the three corporations, Modi cabinet made preparations

New Delhi: The central government has decided to integrate the three municipal corporations of the national capital Delhi. This is a major setback for the ruling Aam Aadmi Party government in the state.

On Tuesday, the Modi cabinet has approved the decision to merge the three corporations of Delhi. Now Delhi will have only one mayor instead of three. Apart from this, in place of North, South, and East Municipal Corporations, there will be one Municipal Corporation.

There will be a change in the section of the DMC Act

After the merger of the three municipal corporations, the AAP government of Delhi is expected to keep completely away from the existence of the municipal corporation. The central government can take away the power of 17 sections of the Municipal Corporation Act (DMC Act) from the Delhi government. Earlier, the Central Government had the right to take action under these sections, but in October 2009, the Center gave the Delhi Government the right to take action under these sections. Since then, the interference of the Delhi Government in the functioning of the Municipal Corporation has increased.

BJP leaders had urged the Center

According to sources, the leaders of Delhi State BJP have urged the Central Government to completely free the Municipal Corporation from the Delhi Government. Provided that he maintains all the three municipal corporations or forms a corporation by combining all the three corporations, the Delhi Government is empowered to take action under certain sections of the DMC Act. Because of this, she is constantly harassing the three municipal corporations like a unified municipal corporation.

AAP government hangs files

BJP leaders say that the Delhi government keeps the file of works related to the above categories hanging, which affects the functioning of the corporation. BJP leaders have demanded from the central government that it should take full control of the municipal corporation as before.

Sheila Dikshit’s government had sent a proposal to the Center

The Sheila Dikshit government of Delhi had sent a proposal to the Central Government to take powers of 23 sections of the DMC Act from the Union Home Ministry in 2009 in an attempt to take over the Municipal Corporation completely, but the Center gave them only 17 sections. And out of the 12 sections were given to him completely, while he was given the power to make recommendations to the central government under five sections.