Mukhtar Ansari heading to Banda jail: The Rise and Fall of ‘Don’ is No Less Than a Crime Thriller

According to the UP police, Mukhtar Ansari faces 52 cases in the state – including murder, attempted murder, fraud and conspiracy.

Gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari’s brother Afzal Ansari questioned the intention of the Uttar Pradesh government. Talking about shifting Mukhtar from Punjab’s Rupnagar jail to Banda in UP, Afzal said that he has full faith in the judiciary.

Mukhtar is being transferred following an order of the Supreme Court for various criminal cases in Uttar Pradesh.

Afzal Ansari said, “His motives are not right. He (Mukhtar) was poisoned in tea in the same Banda jail. We have full faith in the judiciary. We have argued for providing medical facilities to him.” According to the news agency

“I hope that the Supreme Court will ensure that those in power do not kill anyone. In a public rally, the BJP state president announced that ‘Gadi will turn over the boundary of UP, it will not lead to Batunga Mukhtar’ The car will overturn). “

The comment was in reference to the murder of gangster Vikas Dubey in July last year. While being brought from Kanpur to Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, Dubey was killed in an encounter by the police while he was trying to escape.

Afzal said, “If they do something arbitrary, such dictators are about to end. Sacrifice is needed. Mukhtar will be sacrificed for the end of dictatorial government.” Ansari.

The Uttar Pradesh police on Tuesday detained Mukhtar Ansari, accompanied by him in a convoy 900 km from Punjab’s Rupnagar Jail to Banda’s jail, where security was tightened from gangster to politician.

The transfer came after a bitter legal battle in the Supreme Court in which the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Uttar Pradesh accused the Congress government in Punjab of not allowing the state to take possession of it for several months.

Ansari has been kept in Rupnagar Jail since January 2019 in connection with extortion case.

According to UP police, Mukhtar Ansari faces 52 cases in the state – including murder, attempted murder, fraud and conspiracy – and 15 of them are on trial stage.

The Punjab Home Department, after a Supreme Court order of 26 March, asked the Uttar Pradesh government to take custody of Ansari by 8 April, which set a time limit of two weeks.

An official said that Ansari will be placed in Barrack number 15 of Banda District Jail when he arrives there on Wednesday morning. He said that other inmates of the jail have been denied access to the barracks.

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