Mystry of Poonam Pandey’s sudden demise as confirmed by her manager

Poonam Pandey is not dead. She does not have cervical cancer. The news of the death was an elaborate stunt by her publicists which, according to them, was to raise awareness of cervical cancer. The news of Poonam Pandey’s death was to promote an anti-HPV vaccine. The original story is based on statements from his team.

Poonam Pandey’s sudden demise, as confirmed by her manager, has sent social media into shock, with conflicting reports and unanswered questions emerging about her untimely death.

Despite claims by her manager to confirm her demise, fans are shocked and worried by a recent video interview, where Poonam hinted at upcoming “big news” without giving any more details.

The news of Poonam Pandey’s alleged death came on Friday through a post on her social media handle, which revealed that she was suffering from cervical cancer at the age of 32.

Recently a video interview has surfaced online, in which Poonam Pandey is telling her fans about an upcoming surprise. In the clip shared by Instant Bollywood, she cryptically tells the reporter, “Aapke saamne ek itni badi khabar aane wala hai. I love surprising people. There is a big news coming in front of you.

I like to surprise people.” The lack of specific details in the video has led to widespread speculation and mixed reactions on social media.

While some express grief over Poonam’s apparent inability to share the news before her demise, others question the authenticity of the incident, awaiting an official statement from her family to clarify the situation. The mystery surrounding the teased “big news” has added an additional layer of complexity to an already tragic turn of events.

The statement on their official Instagram handle read, “This morning is difficult for us. I am very sad to inform you that we have lost our beloved Poonam due to cervical cancer.” The family has requested privacy during this mourning period.

Despite the lack of clarity, her team released a statement saying, “We received a call from her family or team in the morning that she is no more. We are also trying to reach out to her family, but unfortunately we are not able to reach them.” Have found.” , That’s why we are not issuing any official statement. As of now, we only know that she is no more, and her mortal remains are currently in UP.’

Days before her alleged death, Poonam Pandey had shared pictures and videos from her Goa trip, leaving fans shocked by the sudden turn of events.