Never have I met a man who hasn’t made me feel apologetic about my talent; Kangna Ranaut

The trailer for KL Vijay’s Thalaivi was launched during an event to mark the birthday of lead actor Kangana Ranaut.

Speaking about her director Vijay, she said that he learned ‘creative involvement’ from him, “I have never met anyone who did not make me feel apologetic about my talent. I feel very emotional I do; I am not usually so. ” There is a person who made me feel good about my talent. Usually, the brilliant performances he performs with a male protagonist never show with an actress, but as a director, I learned from him how to strike a creative partnership. “

Kangana thanked co-star Arvind Swamy, noting the lack of support from men, especially in relation to women-centric films, “So many women have added to the lives and careers of superstars, but you can see other superstars and about I can’t say that. I hope you (Arvind) join my live as well. I really hope that there will be a day in the future where male superstars in women-centric films, even women in Hindi films Support. “

Quoting a video of herself talking to the crowd, Kangana tweeted, “I call myself Babbar lioness because I never cry, I don’t give anyone the privilege to make me cry, don’t remember when I last Cried but today i cried and cried and it feels great

Of the author. V. Talking about her journey with Kangana, Vijayendra Prasad said, “He asked ‘What should I prepare to do in my role?” I told him, ‘Be yourself. You are a woman who does not bow down to anyone. ‘My journey with Kangana started with ‘Manikarnika’ and I have a personal relationship with the film, as it is my daughter’s name. I bless him (Kangana) that even in real life he becomes a great leader and reaches great heights. “

Thalaivi made Kangana Jayalalithaa and Arvind Swamy the MGR. Prakash Raj, Bhagyashree, and Raj Arun appear in the lead roles. It is scheduled to release on 23 April.