New season teaser release of Amazon Prime’s much awaited series ‘The Family Man’

Mumbai: Keeping the craze and eagerness for the much awaited new season of ‘The Family Man’, Amazon Prime Video has introduced a video, in which JK, played by Sharib Hashmi, is about his tremendous and unimaginable relationship with his boss Srikanth Tiwari. Can be seen saying. Non-stop rhyme, chuhal, laughter and yaribaji were an important aspect of their working relationship, which along with creating humor, furthers the story.

In this video we see JK remembering the working synergy between the two and can also feel how these two aspects of the same coin depended on each other to work well. Smoking, drinking and eating; Especially for eating vada-pav, the interests of the two were very similar. Along with this, the pair was very tough in terms of work ethic and fought for each other. On some occasions there were differences between the two on how to solve a problem, but they used to get the benefit.

There was also a deep respect for each other between the two. Their companionship had the perfect mix of chores, but the two never missed out on having fun and pulling each other’s legs. Generally, the involvement of both juniors and seniors was far beyond that. This partnership was not limited to the functioning of his office, but in personal matters, they were ready to consult and help each other.

Everyone watching and remembering the pair is desperate for a new season of The Family Man, which is set to release on Amazon Prime Video on February 12, 2021 in more than 240 countries and territories. Directed by Raj and DK, the show also stars Priyamani, Sharad Kelkar and Samantha Akkineni.

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