NIA court sentenced 4 terrorists to death, one terrorist acquitted

Patna: The NIA court today sentenced four out of 10 terrorists to death in connection with the bomb blast at the Hunkar rally of Bihar BJP in Gandhi Maidan eight years ago. 5 terrorists were given different punishments while one was released by the court due to lack of evidence. As soon as the death sentence of these terrorists lodged in Beur Jail was announced, the security of Beur Jail has been tightened. By issuing a red alert in Beur Jail, the command has been handed over to the commandos of BMP.

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India and the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, was about to address the BJP’s Hunkar rally. Before Narendra Modi’s address, terrorists had carried out serial bomb blasts in Patna. The first bomb blast happened at Patna Junction and after that when Narendra Modi was addressing the Hunkar rally of Gandhi Maidan. At that time there were five consecutive serial blasts, in which 7 people were killed and 89 people were injured. However, even after this serial bomb blast, Modi did not stop addressing the Hunkar rally, addressed the public and bravely thwarted the plans of the terrorists.

In this case, when the NIA investigated it, a total of 10 terrorists were arrested from different parts of the country. In which most of the terrorists from Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh were involved. This serial bomb blast took place in Patna’s Gandhi Maidan on 27 October 2013 and exactly 8 years later on 27 October 2021, the court convicted the terrorists accused of this incident.

Today on November 1, 4 of these terrorists were sentenced to death by NIA Judge Gurvinder Singh Malhotra. NIA Court has sentenced Oman Ansari Haider Ali Mohammad Mullah Ansari Imtiaz Ansari alias Alam to death. Along with this, 2 have been sentenced to life imprisonment, 2 to 10 years and one to 7 years. In this case, Fakhruddin of Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh was released by the court due to lack of evidence. Fakhruddin has left the jail and has gone to his home in Mirzapur.

It is noteworthy that these terrorists wanted to kill Narendra Modi through human bomb and for that a trial was also held near Dhurva Dam in Ranchi which could not be successful. NIA’s lawyer Lalit Prasad had demanded the death penalty for these terrorists.

Security has been tightened in Patna’s Beur Jail after the terrorists were sentenced to death. A red alert has been issued in Beur and the security of Beur Jail has been commanded by the Jail, the local police as well as the commando squad of BMP. A control room has been opened in the jail where 5 assistant superintendents and two deputy superintendents have been put on 24-hour duty. Along with this, the terrorists sentenced to death have been kept in different cells inside the jail. The jail administration said that no work would be taken from the convicted terrorists. The jail administration says that the arrangement of separate cells in the jail is not enough to keep such terrorists. Therefore, the jail administration is contemplating to send the terrorists sentenced to death to another jail.

Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey expressed happiness over this decision of the court and said that justice is a victory. Pandey said that he was the state president of Bihar BJP when the incident took place and under his leadership the help extended by the party workers and leaders to the injured in the blast can never be forgotten. Where did Pandey say 8 years later this decision is certainly a blow to terrorism.

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